On The Waterfront - Rockford IL - Sept. 3, 2005

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It's been quite a few years since we've played On the Waterfront and we were very happy to be returning to this great festival. The festival is set up right on the downtown streets of Rockford. Lots of different stages provide a wide variety of styles of music. Plus tons of great food and of course ice cold beer. Now this a first class festival.  Our stage had beautiful view over looking the river and we were provided with a huge stage and a great sound and light system. They even gave us our own air conditioned trailer to change in. We could get use to that. Top all of that off with an absolutely gorgeous day and huge friendly crowd and you had the makings of a great rock and roll show. We've played in Rockford quite a bit over the years and have always been impressed with how friendly and complimentary the people are. So thanks to everyone who came out. Also a big thanks to the staff and sound company for making our stay enjoyable. We sure hope we can come back again next year.