Fish Day, Portwashington WI July 15, 2006

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It's Saturday and the weatherman is promising a hot one. And for once he's got it right. We're headed to a great one day festival called Fish Day in Port Washington. This is a huge festival with great food and tons of music on multiple stages. The setting is a beautiful park right on the shores of Lake Michigan. Thank goodness for the lake breeze and some large shade trees that provided some comfort for the audience. Our stage was a historic old band shell with a huge American Flag painted as a backdrop. Considering the heat we had a very nice audience that was more than willing to join in the fun. A big thanks to Justin, the soundman for the stage, would did a great job. As always nice to see friendly faces in the audience that made the trip up to be with us. A shout out to some of my family that showed up. My brother Al and his wife Clara, my cousin Colleen her husband Eric came from Indiana, an my second cousin Sam and his friend Angela came in from Chicago. Great to see all of you. Also good to see our former drummer Don and his wife Peggy.