Sweet Apple-Wood Festival, Cudahy, WI - Aug 5, 2006

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Sponsored by the Cudahy Lions Club, the Sweet Apple-Wood Festival continues to get bigger and better each year. And this year the Lions pulled out all the stops to celebrate Cudahy's 100th anniversary. Great food, plenty of beer, two tents with with nonstop music, and great weather translated to an overflow crowd on the grounds. We were located in the class reunion tent and played alternating sets with Mount Olive. This was one rocking party! As a former teacher at Cudahy High School, it was great to see so many former graduates of all ages at the show. Another first for Barry's Truckers. Our first wedding proposal if front of the whole audience. The couple had met a year ago at our show at Sweet Apple-wood. She said yes. Also glad to see a couple of former Trucker members in the audience for the show. Original member Big Daddy Dirtball and his wife Candi. Dirt was my original partner starting the very first Barry's Truckers and he continues to bail me out when I can't figure out the Website. Also Tim Buerger one of our long term lead guitar players. We want to thank all the volunteers and the Cudahy Lions for having us back again. This is always a great festival.