Divine Mercy Festival, South Milwaukee, WI - Aug 13, 2006

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As the summer winds down we were happy to return to one of our favorite festivals on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. The hard working staff of volunteers had down some major rearranging of the grounds this year. They had a huge tent and stage and even a great wood dance floor. The staff is always great. They provided us with a nice trailer to change in plus drinks and food. It doesn't get much better than that. So a big thanks to all the volunteers of this festival. Great job gang!
A pleasant unexpected reunion also took place as three of our former bass players showed up at the show. Our original bass player and the guy who keeps this site up and running, Big Daddy Dirtball was there with his wife Candi. Former sax and bass man Joe "Wolfman" Brown and his wife Mary put in appearance as well as former bassman Lee Steffens. Great to see all these guys that helped provide the solid low end for Barry's Truckers over the years.
Also great to see all the regulars that continue support the group. We always appreciate seeing all of your smiling faces in the crowd.