Kenosha County Fair, Wilmot, WI - Aug 19, 2006

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The weather looked threatening as we headed to Wilmot for the Kenosha County Fair. We played the fair last year and had a great time and were looking forward to this years performance.  We got there early enough to grab some fair food before the show. Talk about your food booths. I've never seen so many. Thanks to carmel popcorn guy who kept us in snacks all night. As we approached show time the skies cleared off and we had a perfect night for rock and roll.  A great stage and sound and lighting system were provided by the fair and all the techs were nice guys and did a great job.  Also thanks to Dave who introduced us and made sure everything was running smoothly and on time. Thanks guys. Just makes our job that much easier.  And what a great  responsive audience.  This turned out to be one of the best shows of the summer.   We were scheduled to stop at 11:00PM and didn't quit until a little past midnight! The place was rockin' !! So thanks to everyone who came out to party with us. As always a special thanks to all our good friends that made the long trip just to spend the evening with us. We really appreciate that. A special shout out to the guy that came the farthest for the show, Arizona Bill. Good to have you with us and to meet your daughter and son-in-law.

Barry looking for a shoe beer candidate.

Barry finds a volunteer. With a boot. Oh yea!

He goes for it!

The crowd goes wild. Rock on man!