Misichot Riverfest, Misichot, WI - July 30, 2006

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A very nasty storm rolled through Misichot and Milwaukee on Sunday morning questioning our afternoon performance. But the weather slowly cleared making for a beautiful Sunday afternoon and the show went on as scheduled. In fact the rain storm even helped drop the temperatures to a more reasonable level. This was our first time playing in Misichot and we really enjoyed our show there. Everyone made us feel right at home. One of the things I enjoy about some of the afternoon performances is that are a lot more families at these shows. It's great to seeing young and old enjoying some good old rock and roll. Plus we got to see our first Duck Race. Oh yea. There's a picture of me with the fourth place winner. And these guys don't mess around with the prizes. At the completion of our show they gave away a brand new PT Cruiser. How's that for a giveaway. A very friendly audience was more than willing to join in with some our foolishness and good time was had by all. As always great to see the regulars that made the trip, you guys are something.  Thanks to Kim and Linda and our own Dragan for working so hard in the heat to set up and provide the sound system. So thanks to everyone for a fun Sunday of Rock and Roll! Pictures by Pat.