Oconomowoc WI Street Dance,  Aug. 11, 2007

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We've had perfect festival weather all summer long but our luck finally ran out. The skies were looking pretty threatening as we drove to Oconomowoc for an outdoor street dance. By the time we got there it was pouring and too make things worse the stage wasn't covered. So, there was no protection for the sound equipment. Kim and Linda from Broadway Productions were getting soaked loading the gear back into the truck to get it out of the rain. At that point there was nothing to do but hang around until it stop raining. It started to look like it might clear up but we had another problem. The stage is aluminum and soaking wet. Not such a good idea in a thunderstorm with all of the electrical equipment. Plus we don't know for sure if we might get more rain. No way we're setting up there. Now the weather seems to be clearing and people are starting to show up. What to do, what to do. I spot a wood gazebo on the grounds and wander over to take a look at it. It would be tight but I figure we could get the band in there and under cover in case it stormed again. So I chat with the chairperson off the festival and my soundman and we decide to go for it. Have to say a huge thank you to Kim and Linda for working their butts off getting the gear moved and set up again. You guys are great. The weather cleared, the gear got moved, and people kept on rolling in. In the end what looked to be a disaster turned into one great party!!!